Vocal Coaching  

Beginner, intermediate, or advanced, take that next step toward becoming the singer you desire to be! Point blank: if you can talk, you can sing. Trained by one of the world's most respected vocal instructors who specializes in the changing male voice (which means he can help ANYONE sing- even if you think you're "tone deaf") I am CONFIDENT that we can get you closer to your singing goals! Try me!

Introduction to Piano

Never touched a piano before? Took lessons years ago, but now you're rusty? We will get you up and playing in no time! From reading sheet music to playing by ear, we will work together to tailor a piano-lesson program that works for YOU! If you can play the piano, it really DOES make playing everything else easier!

Introduction to Guitar

What. Is cooler. Than a guitar player? Um...NOTHING?! And there's nothing stopping you. I can coach you from everything from where to purchase your first guitar (I ALWAYS advise a pawn shop for the 1st one), to getting you playing an ACTUAL SONG at the FIRST LESSON, let's take that step toward being the rock star you dream about together! (Am I a rock star? Oh, I am. Just ask my local feminist bookstore, Charis Books and More. ;-)

Introduction to Audio Engineering

You don't have to have a $25,000+ recording studio to make a good album. I can show you the basics of audio engineering using a laptop and garageband, an external soundcard, condenser mic and some cables! You can make your own tracks from scratch, use freeware loops, and even record over some of your fav instrumentals and add your own flair!