When it comes to the classes, you've got options. You can do individual classes, group classes, burlesque only classes, or yoga with burlesque classes. Workshops for conferences and  corporate events also available.


Burlesque 101 ​

Individual Session

In this session, you will learn one entrance walk, one exit walk, 2 showgirl stances, basic bump-and-grind moves, 2 boa tricks, and 2 glove pulls.

Should you decide to complete a series of 6 classes, what you learn will be tripled, in addition to working on your own customized routines.

Unlock Your Sexy:

Pamper Yourself w/ Yoga and Burlesque

Love yourself, body, mind and spirit with a session of yoga combined with burlesque. Get comfortable in your body, lubricating your joints with each asana (position), and increasing your flexibility. Then turn the key a little more to the left,unlocking your sexy by adding some burlesque to the mix! You can't HELP but love yourself after a session like this- imagine what a weekly class could do for your self-affirmation!

Burlesque 101
Group Sessions

You would learn the same criteria stated for the Individual Session, with an added fee of $10 for each additional person engaging in the session. 

Once again, if you schedule 6 consecutive group sessions, you will triple what you learn, in addition to choreographing your own group  routine. Group rates available for a group of 8 or more.

Fan Dancing 101

Group sessions

The same techniques outlined in the Individual Session for Fan Dancing 101 apply here, including the 3 class minimum, and an addition $15 fee for each additional person.

Costume-Making 101

The Basics

Burlesque costumes are more than half the reason we do this! They are so glamorous- and as a result, can be quite pricey. Want to learn how to make your own ostrich feather fans, as opposed to paying $400 a piece for them? Make your own tassels, shimmy belts and panels? This i the class for you. You will be provided with a list of materials you must bring to participate in the class. This one is a favorite of mine!

Fan Dancing 101​

Individual Session

In this session, you will learn basic peek-a-boo moves with two fans (you would be responsible for supplying these yourself), struts and wrist turns, poses and exits. Due to the more intricate nature of this class, there is a 3 class minimum for enrollment.